Zug der HeldInnen

Rosas Reise

in development
In collaboration with Gerald Harringer

The anthology film “Rosas Reise” is a journey through time of the years 1945, 1961, 1975, 1986, and 2015. A train journey which begins in the Northern Mühlviertel district and ends in Paris connects the stories. All episodes are based on true events from the time of the Nazi dictatorship and cast light on the different suppression strategies over time.
The work group for the project was created with screenwriter and partner Gerald Harringer.


Cycle of Steel

Experimental Documentary
in production

Circle of Steel juxtaposes two worlds. On one side is Gary, Indiana, which once experienced a boom as steel stronghold amidst the industrial regions around Chicago and Detroit in the Northeast of the United States. Only a few decades later, this phenomenon seems to repeat itself in Linz (Austria). In the experimental film, we let both cities merge and observe the metamorphosis of the city from rise to decline.

3000 Seelen

3000 Seelen (3000 Souls)

Documentary, 50 min.

3000 Souls – Episodes from Katsdorf is an approximately 50-minute documentary journey to Katsdorf of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Subjective impressions in the form of Super 8 film and video material by people who documented Katsdorf during the various decades.

Available here!


Rowing for Europe

Documentary, 50 min
released, World Premiere at Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2017
Director: Gerald Harringer, Production: Johannes Pröll

A Turk (Ihsan Banabak) and an Austrian (Gerald Harringer) row down the Danube from Linz right through Southeast Europe all the way to the Black Sea. The space of the unmotorized wooden rowboat is a floating and shaky microcosm. Rowing, cooking, eating, sleeping – everything takes place in just a few square meters. The leisurely journey takes us through heavy storms and dark locks. And to people we would otherwise probably never have met.
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Damals im Sommer

Back in the summer

Videoinstallation in 4 channels

Away from the hectic work in the fields, it’s the children who, suddenly, determine the rhythm with the same ease, with which they go through life. In the peace and quiet of the situations, the viewers are invited to unfold their very own stories.

Spaziergang durch Katsdorf

A Stroll Through

videoinstalation in 2 channels

The basis for the video installation “A Stroll Through Katsdorf” was a film from 1986, in which the now deceased Mr. Sackl from Katsdorf fastidiously filmed the entire town. 25 years later, we reconstructed the film 1:1. Every take, every pan, every zoom, the seasons and times of day as well as every camera wobble were replicated.
Defined by the changes of the town, it can thus be recognized and reflected upon by the viewer.

Haslin liest!

Give me 12 minutes please!

Literature trailer/short, 12 min.

Haslin reads! The literature trailer – a preview of the live performances and readings by the writer Hermann Haslin from Linz – is a new format that concisely unites different works by the artist. Although stringently structured in 12×1 minutes, the personal cinematography between stage lighting and darkness offers an in-depth look into the stage life of Hermann Haslin.


White in White

Live-Visuals Loop

Three women, fashion, and a white room. Photographic scenes are brought to life by short, looped movements. Edited as live visuals, the result is an enthralling rhythm between quick and abrupt jumps and female sensibility.